ForeFlight Mobile Training Resources

Whether you are new to flying with an iPad or an experienced ForeFlight pilot, these video resources will help you learn more about ForeFlight and make the most of this powerful aviation app.

ForeFlight 101 - Beginner Tutorial

Presented by Ryan McBride

This presentation is an introduction to flying with ForeFlight Mobile. You will learn how to navigate the app and the iPad. This course is geared towards pilots who are new to ForeFlight and flying with an iPad. Duration 38 minutes.

ForeFlight 201 - Advanced Course

Presented by Thomas Daugherty

This presentation is an advanced, scenario-based course on flying with ForeFlight Mobile. You will learn how to use the app to its fullest from planning to inflight navigation. This course is beyond beginner level and is geared towards pilots who have at least some working knowledge of the app. Duration 39 minutes.

Additional Resources

Visit our Support and FAQ page for answers to many questions you may have about ForeFlight Mobile. You can also find lots of feature tutorials and our helpful Tip of the Week video series on our ForeFlight YouTube channel.

Sporty's Flying with ForeFlight Training Course

Sporty's Pilot Shop offers a comprehensive ForeFlight training course, available online or via an app for iPad and iPhone. The course is ideal for prospective customers, new ForeFlight pilots, and experienced pros alike, and may be purchased on the Sporty's website.