Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Customers:
Guide to ForeFlight for Flight Departments

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ForeFlight is the best way to view Jeppesen charts on a mobile app, offering best in class flight planning and filing, geo-referenced Jeppesen chart integration, stunning global weather visualization and world-wide airport information, integrated document management, flight logging, synthetic vision and so much more.

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FAQs for Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Customers


Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Has Been Discontinued

The Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck app (JeppFD) has been discontinued and is no longer suitable for flight planning or inflight use. The app has been removed from the App Store, meaning it cannot be downloaded on new devices, but it will remain on devices that already have it installed. The app will no longer provide new chart and data updates beyond the 2401 AIRAC cycle which expired on February 22, 2024.


Regulatory Support Documents

If your single- or multi-pilot operation requires and has not yet received regulatory approval to fly with ForeFlight Mobile, a document package is now available to support you in seeking approval. Visit this page and sign into your existing ForeFlight account to download the package, or contact Sales to request the documents from ForeFlight’s Sales team.


Jump Start Your Transition to ForeFlight

Smooth out your transition to ForeFlight Mobile with our interactive training that walks you through the switch from Jepp FD to ForeFlight while also highlighting the key differences between the two platforms.

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VIDEO: Viewing Jeppesen Plates in ForeFlight

See how easy it is to view and organize your Jeppesen procedure plates and Airway Manuals in ForeFlight with this short tutorial video. ForeFlight's Flight Binders feature was directly inspired by JeppFD's tab layout, so transitioning customers will find a familiar interface in ForeFlight with some notable improvements.

Smart Notes Now Available in ForeFlight Mobile!

Inspired by the popular “Smart Notes” feature in Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck, Operational Note Flags give you immediate access to critical information about airspace and other elements so you don’t have to search for them. Operational Note Flags are enabled by default but can be toggled off in the Map Settings menu.

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Contact Sales for a Demo

Give ForeFlight a try and see for yourself how it can make flight planning and flying easier, safer, and more enjoyable. We recommend that multi-pilot Mobile FliteDeck accounts move to our Business Performance subscription plan, which adds powerful account administration and collaboration tools to ForeFlight’s Performance Plus plan. Contact our Sales team using the form below to schedule a live demo of Business Performance.

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What's New in ForeFlight

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ForeFlight Runway Analysis

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Dynamic Winds & Temperatures

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Taxi Routing

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Fast, Efficient Flight Planning

Planning to get from A to B used to be a chore. Not any longer. ForeFlight Mobile is designed to boost the speed and efficiency of your planning, briefing, and filing workflow. ForeFlight gives you the flexibility to use graphical Touch Planning™ on the Maps view or the full-featured form-based planner in the Flights view. Be sure to add performance data to your aircraft profile for better fuel consumption and wind-adjusted flight time.

File & Brief

File days ahead of time, amend plans, activate and close VFR flight plans, and get instant, comprehensive, recorded weather briefings.

Touch Planning

Drag. Drop. Fly. It's that easy. ForeFlight Mobile's Touch Planning feature puts you in control of where you go and how you get there. All with a single tap.

Flight Notifications 

Receive in-app notifications when conditions along your route of flight change between when you filed and your departure time.

Procedure Advisor

Select and visualize Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs), and even traffic pattern entries. Easily add any procedure to your route with a tap.

Altitude Advisor

Where is the best tailwind? Altitude Advisor knows. See wind strength, direction, and re-computed total time and fuel burn for every altitude.

Graphical Route Advisor

A visual preview of automatically computed route options recently assigned or cleared by ATC, official preferred routes between airports, and terminal enroute control routes.


Plan Smarter with Business Performance

Plan, brief, and file wind-optimized routes for high-performance aircraft in a matter of seconds. With faster and more accurate answers, ForeFlight Business Performance can literally pay for itself after just one mission.

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Flight Plan Filing

File your IFR or VFR flight plan in seconds, from within the app or on the web. Our dual AFTN connections on two continents ensure reliability in transmitting filed flight plans.
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IFR flight plan filing is supported in the U.S. and its territories, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, and all EUROCONTROL member states.

ForeFlight also supports filing intra-Canada and cross-border VFR flight plans between the US and Canada. Broader support for VFR filing via EUROCONTROL is coming soon.

Maps & Charts

ForeFlight offers a wide range VFR, IFR, and specialty charts, including: ICAO Charts, Terminal Area Charts, VFR Flyways, Helicopter, Grand Canyon, and more. You're covered, whatever or wherever you fly.

All the VFR & IFR Charts You Need

VFR and IFR charts from the FAA, NAV CANADA, EUROCONTROL, as well as other sources to give you everything you need for any type of flying.


Find useful information at every zoom level with this customizable, data-driven map layer, complete with embedded airport diagrams.


Get the full picture with dozens of interactive map layers for weather, hazards, surface maps, fuel prices, and imported custom content.


SIDs, STARs, and geo-referenced approaches and taxi charts help you find your way in the air and on the ground.


Better Weather & Briefings

A rich library of weather products and a one-of-a-kind graphical preflight briefing will get you to your destination faster, safer, and probably a bit drier.
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From animated radar to graphical AIR/SIGMETs to global Winds Aloft, over a dozen map overlays ou exactly where the weather is in relation to your planned route.


Hundreds of detailed current conditions and forecast weather imagery products at your fingertips.


Translated text and full-color graphics help you better understand and consume briefing information.


Global Hazard Awareness Technology

No sneak peaks. ForeFlight Mobile features a variety of hazard avoidance technologies that use Jeppesen’s global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data to provide pilots with better situational awareness and safety, anywhere they fly.


Hazard Advisor highlights hazardous terrain and obstacles nearby. The display is updated constantly based on GPS altitude and position.


Profile view takes our Hazard Advisor feature into vertical mode and gives you a side view of terrain and obstacles along your planned route or ahead of your aircraft.


ForeFlight Synthetic vision is the most widely used mobile synthetic vision system. Fast, elegant, and precise, with features like night mode and luminous terrain.

Inflight Connectivity with Popular Avionics

ForeFlight can wirelessly connect with portable devices and installed avionics to deliver capabilities like two-way flight plan transfer and the display of ADS-B weather and traffic, satellite weather, backup attitude, GPS position, and more.

Explore More Connectivity

Sentry ADS-B Portables

Enhance your inflight situational awareness with real-time weather, traffic, WAAS GPS, and more in ForeFlight Mobile with our line of compact ADS-B receivers. Ranging from just the essentials in Sentry Mini to the best-of-the-best in Sentry Plus, there’s a safety-enhancing solution for every pilot.

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ForeFlight Dispatch

Dispatch - an add-on to ForeFlight’s Mobile and Web application for Business Performance customers - sets a new standard in team flight planning that equally empowers pilots, flight planners, and ops managers in flight departments big and small to collaborate and plan flights more efficiently.

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ForeFlight Runway Analysis

Safety meets convenience with a sophisticated runway and obstacle analysis for jets that’s fully-integrated with ForeFlight’s planning workflow. Available now as an add-on to ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

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Obstacle Analysis

At the heart of ForeFlight Runway Analysis is the complex Obstacle Analysis, which incorporates terrain and obstacles into its max takeoff weight calculations to guarantee clearance.

Engine Out Procedures

Plan with the default Straight Out procedure or optimize your weight margins with RNAV procedures developed by ForeFlight's team as well as Jeppesen's VOR-based procedures.

Additional Obstacles

Manually add temporary obstacles from NOTAMs to ensure the calculation incorporates all potential hazards.

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Hassle-Free Distribution with Cloud Documents

Connect a Dropbox, Box, or Amazon S3 account to securely deliver document files and updates to your entire flight department via the cloud. It’s a great way to keep your pilots' checklists, POHs, local procedures, and more up to date and always available on all their devices.

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WEBINAR: Integrated Document Management for Business Aviation

ForeFlight's integrated document distribution and management capability provides incredible value for flight departments of any size. Watch Caitlin Galloway, ForeFlight's Success Team Lead, demonstrate how to make the most of Cloud Documents and other features to streamline your operation.

Empower Your Pilots with Content Packs

Content Packs give you control over the custom information your pilots need in ForeFlight for missions like aerial firefighting, pipeline patrol, offshore transportation, flight training, and more.

Easily build Content Packs using a variety of data types, then distribute them to all your pilots via Cloud Documents. The possibilities are endless, and our support page will help you create your first Content Pack in no time.

Content Packs Support & FAQs

Flexible Account Management

ForeFlight's web platform enables flight department administrators to efficiently manage multi-pilot accounts. Easily add and remove pilots from the account, ensure pilots are flying with the latest charts, data, documents, and version of ForeFlight software, set up and publish company aircraft profiles to all users, and more.

Manage Jeppesen Chart Coverages

ForeFlight offers administrators unmatched control over their account's Jeppesen charts, with the ability to link mutliple Jeppesen accounts simultaneously, see which pilots have downloaded different chart coverages, and even restrict which coverages can be installed on a per-pilot basis.

FAQs for Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Customers

Q: Is the Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck app being discontinued?

A: Yes. Support for Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck will end on January 25, 2024 - the first day of the 2401 AIRAC chart cycle. Updated chart and data downloads will not be delivered for the 2402 AIRAC cycle and beyond, so the app will only provide expired charts and data starting with the 2402 cycle. Additionally, JeppFD will be removed from Apple’s App Store on the sunset date to prevent the app from being installed on new devices. However, the app will remain on devices that have already installed it.

Q: Are Jeppesen digital chart services being discontinued?

A: No. Subscriptions to Jeppesen digital charts will not change and there will be no disruption to a customer’s service. Only the Jeppesen chart viewing iPad app, Mobile FliteDeck, is being discontinued.

Q: Why is the Mobile FliteDeck app being discontinued?

A: ForeFlight Mobile, Boeing’s flagship app for general/business aviation, is the optimal way to view Jeppesen’s worldwide chart coverages. ForeFlight also provides industry-leading mobile flight planning and inflight capabilities, from spot-on time and fuel calculations to immersive 3D airport and route previews, with monthly feature releases that continually enhance its value and utility. Our development resources are focused on continuing to add functionality and Jeppesen integration to ForeFlight apps and web-based solutions.

Q: How do I transition from Mobile FliteDeck app to ForeFlight Mobile?

A: Individual pilots can purchase a ForeFlight subscription at, and multi-pilot account admins can purchase a ForeFlight Business subscription at or by contacting their Jeppesen Sales representative.

Q: I’m part of a business aviation flight department using Mobile FliteDeck—what do I need to do?

A: Please fill out the contact form for business aviation operators and be sure to provide us with contact information for your EFB administrator. We can then work directly with your EFB administrator as needed to set up accounts and ensure a seamless transition for your flight department. Additionally, please let your EFB administrator know directly that he/she needs to get in touch with ForeFlight's Sales team to set up an account.

Q: How do I link my Jeppesen charts to view them in ForeFlight Mobile?

A: Visit this support article for instructions on how to sign into your Jeppesen account in ForeFlight and activate available chart coverages for download. If you haven't yet deactivated your chart coverages in Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck to free up additional licesnes, you can learn how to do so here.

Q: Where can I get support for Mobile FliteDeck?

A: The technical support team can be reached through the Jeppesen Customer Support Portal. Additional info can be found on the Mobile FliteDeck support page.

Q: Is JeppView the same as Mobile FliteDeck?

A: No. Please see the table below for more information.

Product Description
JeppView JeppView is Jeppesen’s original digital chart service. It is PC-based software that allows users to view/print charts on the ground. It also has limited route planning functionality and the ability to create “trip kits” for a particular route. At this time, JeppView is still supported but will be retired in early 2024. Similar charting functionality is currently being developed in ForeFlight Web as a future alternative tool.
JeppView MFD (Multi-Function Display) JeppView MFD is sometimes used to describe a Jeppesen digital chart service that integrates with the front panel multi-function display (MFD). We have moved away from the “JeppView MFD” name in favor of descriptive naming: “Jeppesen digital chart services for avionics.” These services are sold individually, or as part of bundled data/chart packages for many Garmin and Avidyne systems. Additionally, the site keys from this chart service can also be used for ForeFlight Mobile, providing access to Jeppesen digital charts through the aircraft MFD, and a mobile device.
Mobile FliteDeck (JeppFD) Jeppesen’s mobile chart viewing app for iPads. The app is identified for discontinuation—the replacement app is ForeFlight Mobile, which can seamlessly integrate Jeppesen digital chart services. Subscriptions to Jeppesen digital charts will not change and there will be no disruption to a customer’s service.